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P2V2C® Cloud Migration

Cloud Providers are under pressure to migrate their customers’ servers and applications in a cost effective and expedited manner. Tech Source’s proven P2V2C® cloud migration services enable customers and Cloud Providers to accelerate their cloud migrations while creating minimal disruption for server-owners and business-units.

P2V2C® delivers a proven service platform for architecting, planning, scheduling, executing, and managing services designed to achieve rapid, low-cost cloud migrations. The solution is designed from the ground up to be deployed quickly, scale in accordance with customer requirements, and to be embedded through the services framework of the Cloud Provider.

The success of the P2V2C® solution stems from the solution’s assets, which include the tools, methodologies, expertise, and services designed to deliver migration and consolidation that can rapidly scale from a few hundred to thousands of workloads globally.

P2V2C® delivers cost-efficiency through the use of a proven, repeatable, framework combined with trained resources and scalable delivery. Key features include:

  • Embedded service that integrates with existing Cloud Provider services
  • Coverage for all migration types (p2v, c2c, p2v2c, etc.) and cloud platforms
  • On-demand scheduling allows services to be engaged as required
  • Premise Cache & Move (PCM) to migrate remote-location servers
  • GlobalGrid 3-shift staffing for non-business-hours services in any time zone
  • Comprehensive project management and P2V2C® certified resources
  • Reduced project timeframes up to 4X shorter than traditional projects
  • Optional migration planning and configuration using StratoZone® tools

Integrated and Embedded Solution

Our turnkey, scalable service enables Cloud Providers to plan and execute quickly while delivering accelerated migration rates with significantly higher project success than in-house efforts. Our service framework is designed to integrate seamlessly with that of the Cloud Provider organizations. Our project materials and tools are Cloud Provider branded and our services personnel will carry the persona of the Cloud Provider organization, thereby presenting a unified offering to end-customers.

Benefits to Cloud Providers

Many Cloud Providers may not have a scalable services capacity or require migration services to augment in-house capabilities from time-to-time. Our on-demand pricing and scheduling model delivers an elastic services bench on an as-needed basis.

Our P2V2C® solution delivers several benefits to Cloud Providers that are not typically realized through traditional in-house or other consultant-based efforts. Our solution has proven itself to the extent that major manufacturers have licensed our methodologies for use in their partner eco-systems. The key benefits of this solution include:

  • Significant cost savings (50%+) over traditional virtualization and cloud migration methods due to deployment of a proven, repeatable solution.
  • Ability to schedule migrations 24x7, in any time zone, at no additional cost, using our GlobalGrid 3-shift resource pool with 100% US-based resources.
  • Fixed-price, tiered pricing and shared-risk pricing to reduce Cloud Provider costs to onboard customers.
  • Avoidance of internal costs associated with increased internal head-count, utilization, training of in-house resources, or sourcing third party consultants.
  • Leveraging experienced consultants, tools, and best practices delivers the highest probability of project success.
  • Our migration-management and project orchestration tools and methodologies allow robust project coordination, management, and reporting.
  • Available as turnkey, fully managed migration services or specific services to augment in-house capabilities.
  • Overcome customer objections with 100% on-shore delivery resources, qualified to meet customer security and clearance requirements.

Service Components

Cloud Migration Planning: The migration planning effort analyzes data collected by inventory and capacity planning tools, our Enterprise Migration Scoping Questionnaire (EMSQ), workload profile analysis, and data inputs from key participants of the kickoff workshops. Included are targeted collaboration workshops to gather relevant infrastructure architecture and current state. Deliverables include workload analysis, migration scenarios with run-books, the migration schedule by phase, and an optional pilot or proof of concept for each technical migration process that is jointly finalized.

P2V2C® Application and Server Migration: This component migrates physical or virtual workloads and applications from existing customer infrastructure onto target Cloud Provider infrastructure in accordance with the planned phases and migration run-books. In addition to the migration of customer assets, we can manage all required project requirements including operations management, communications management, and resource management. This ensures the successful pre-migration, migration, and post-migration requirements are met according to customer needs. Migrations are delivered using our GlobalGrid 3-shift resource pools, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Optional Project Management & PMO: We can manage the entire project management task and PMO for end-customers with complex migration requirements and where the Cloud Provider elects not to provide this service. This service component provides customers with the level of expertise that builds trust and confidence, and the level of dedication, support, and communication that are characteristic and necessary for a successful cloud migration initiative.

Optional Cloud Platform Integration: This optional service integrates the migrated workloads to the Cloud Provider platform. This component mitigates the risks inherent with mobility of workloads to public cloud platforms by incorporating Cloud Provider technical modifications.

Optional Assessment Services: For customers with complex migration requirements, our StratoZone® analysis and configuration tools provide a comprehensive planning platform that enhances the end-customer’s ability to move more assets to the cloud in a manner compliant with their existing capacity, elasticity, and operational requirements.